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Annie Guglia (31) is a professional skateboarder & Olympian from Montréal, Canada. She is the Women – Street National Champion since 2018 (4 years in a row).

It all started when her younger brother got a skateboard for Christmas in 2000. Annie and Francis started playing with it like any other toy. When Francis learned to Ollie (the basic trick of skateboarding), Annie became obsessed; she really wanted to learn how to jump on sidewalks too! She tried for a whole summer and didn’t succeed… But when she started High School, she made friends with the group of skaters at her school, and she LOVED IT. She practiced with them every day after school. She progressed rapidly.


A few years later, she met the Skirtboarders, a group of women who skated in Montreal in the early 2000s, and that is when she met her best friend and knew she would skate for the rest of her life.
Annie started doing competition around 2006, but there were no interesting opportunities for women in skateboarding at the time. For example, if you won a World Cup, you would make about 1000$ for women, and 15 000$ for men. Annie decided that she would rather stay in school, and skate only for fun…until the opportunity of the Olympics happened in 2016.
You know the rest. 🙂


Here are some of her roles/career highlights:

  • Canada Skateboard National Team Athlete: Annie is a 4-time Canadian National Champion for Women – Street skateboarding. She participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and placed 19th.
  • Grad scholar: Annie graduated from ESG UQÀM with a Bachelor in Marketing and with an honorable mention for excellence. She then pursued her studies with a Master in Business Strategy at HEC Montréal, which she finished in 2017. Her thesis is entitled “We’re not in it for the money”: discursive analysis of managers within the skateboard industry in North America. It can be found (in French only) in “Downloads”.
  • Women skateboard activist: Annie joined the ranks of the Skirtboarders in 2006, at only 16 years old. The main goal of the all girls skate group from Montreal was to promote women in skateboarding. They did demonstrations and attended events and competitions to emphasize the importance of visibility and diversity in skateboarding. Among other places, they travelled to Mexico, California and Sweden to meet similar groups of girls and to share experiences. Building from that, in 2016, Annie founded “All Gurlz Sk8 D8”, free initiation and skateboarding lessons for girls of all ages and all abilities in Montreal.  Often attracting hundreds of women, these sessions turned into monthly meet-ups. Annie is now the Vans Ambassador for Girls’ Monthly Meet-Ups in Montreal. Lastly, Annie also spoke various times at Women in Sports panels and events, and is actively working to open conversations about diversity and equality in skateboarding and in sports in general.
  • Political involvement: Annie Guglia is the Athletes Representative on the Board of Canada Skateboard, the Canadian federation for skateboarding . She is also the Skateboard Athletes Representative at AthletesCan, a community of Canadian athletes from all olympic sports. Annie is also on the Board of Association Skateboard Montréal (ASM), a non-profit who’s goal is to assist and help design skateparks in Montreal.
  • LGBTQIA2S activist: Annie is openly gay and a proud supporter of the LGBTQIA2S community. She has talked on multiple plateforms about the importance of having role models and visibility.
  • Influencer: Annie works with brands on her social media plateforms. She is active on Instagram (36k), Facebook (6k) and Tiktok (55k). Some of her clients include Roam Media, Attitude Living, Romeo Gin, Distillerie du Saint-Laurent, Jackalope/Tribu Experientiel, Physio Extra, Team Canada, Canada Skateboard, Toyota, Radio-Canada/CBC, Vivace Collectif, Grands Frères Grandes Soeurs du Québec, among others.


Her sponsors are Meow Skateboards, Vans Canada, Guru Énergie, Boutique Outlaw, and Bones Bearings.

Annie is represented by Dulcedo Management.
For booking inquiry or any requests, please send an email to annieg@dulcedo.com.


1 thought on “About me

  1. keep on skating girl and remember, do it for the love of it.
    our friend and skateboarder from Tijuana Baja California Mexico Chuy!
    p.s. nice tricks


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